YUR is the first company whose focus is bringing break-through natural products to lower your body’s internal age. PYUR has partnered exclusively with top doctors and research scientists to bring the best and most innovative natural products to the market. This powerful new approach to health will make PYUR a leader in the multi-billion dollar health and wellness industry.

Millions of people are searching for a way to look and feel younger, but PYUR is showing people how to lower internal age with a new technology that is measurable. PYUR empowers people to grow a successful and sustainable business by leveraging a technology that has never been seen in the industry.

Founded by industry veterans, industry owners and industry leading consultants, PYUR was created with one purpose in mind; to empower you to improve your physical health, internal age and financial health.

PYUR is attracting top industry veterans, but the beauty of PYUR is that people brand new to network marketing can immediately succeed. Whatever your circumstance, PYUR can help you enhance your health, improve your financial situation or create true lasting wealth.





As the CEO of PYUR, Bob drives PYUR Business Owners’ success through a focus on fiscal responsibility, managed growth and resource stewardship. By establishing the support you need to grow your business, Bob ensures that PYUR will be profitable, sustainable and scalable for years to come. Bob knows what it means to seek a better life. Bob Bremner graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1965 with a degree in Civil Engineering. In 1969 he founded his own consulting engineering firm and operated that business for over 20 years.

In 1986 he was introduced to Network Marketing and began to build a business. After a couple of years he was making more money part time in his network marketing business than he was operating an engineering firm with over 50 employees, and in 1989 sold his engineering practice to go full time in this new career. He has served as President and CEO for a previous MLM company since 1999. His success of achieving and maintaining profitability at the companies over which he has presided is a matter of record.

Today as CEO he continues to oversee the operation of the company and draws on his many years of business experience to make sure the PYUR business opportunity will be here for the long term. His goal and dream is for PYUR to be here for generations to come so that people who choose to become associates of the company will not have to worry about whether the company will be there for them or not.




As the CFO of PYUR, Kristin Sadler manages industry leading payment and collection processes by partnering with proven and experienced global financial institutions. She commits to establishing seamless and transparent financial procedures that will allow PYUR distributors to focus on creating and building their own business. As CFO of a previous MLM company, Kristin sharpened her management expertise in many key areas, including financing, cash flow, budgeting and forecasting.




David Bremner received a bachelor's degree in Physics from Bridgewater College in 1995. Before joining PYUR he was the Vice President of Global Research and Development for a previous MLM company. David oversees all aspects of the company’s manufacturing, including final formulation, cultivation, sourcing, quality control and raw material production as well as all shipping processes. He is also responsible for global expansion.




Christy graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Biology with an emphasis on Exercise Physiology. She managed a Health Club where she also worked at as a personal trainer for six years. Christy was the Director of Operations of a previous MLM company for 17 years. Christy oversees all of the day-to-day activities associated with Customer Service, Programming, Web Development and Human Resources.

Enhance your HEALTH & improve your FINANCIAL situation to live a life on YOUR terms!